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WF 905-95 Walking Foot Sewing Machine for the Automotive Industry

Máquina cilíndrica de brazo largo, triple arrastre, trabajos extra pesados, equipada con garfi o grande tipo “barrel” y retroceso. Disponible con bancada especial reforzada.

Industrial Sewing machines for the Automotive and upholstery industry. Global produces the best Automotive Sewing Machines in the industry as for example a walking foot machine. These machines can be used for stitching every facet of a car seat such as the side seams, headrests as well as decorative stitching in a car interior. For the upholstery industry Global has a variety of machines which can optimize the production process. Upholstery machines are perfect for processes like zipper attaching and leather gathering which commonly used in the upholstery industry for producing furniture stitches.

The benefits of the WF 905-95 Walking Foot Sewing Machine?

  • The best Industrial Sewing Machine for Automotive
  • Produced by stitching experts in the Industry
  • Technical support when needed
Table Top

No Table Top, Table top D 75x60x5 cm for WF 9205

Motor Set

i90411 – i90M-4-11-220 (750 W) for heavy duty, No Motor Set


No option, OP0202 – C300M operator panel, Pneumatic backtack – BT904/5, Pneumatic presser foot lifter – PFL904/5, Switch manual back tack with bracket – SW904/5